2021-04-20 · The API indicates that the overlay has been added to the map by invoking the overlay's onAdd() method. To handle this method we create a
to hold our image, add an element, attach it to


This is a utility mod. it lets you drop a map overlay on top of the map editor surface. Updated 9th April 2020 - incorporating a change suggested by Archimon - which neatly removes the flicker from the maps. You can then trace the roads / rail lines etc. and drop towns in the right place.

Loading. Avada also lets you select multiple map locations on a single map, each with its own content. Select 4 map types, display a color overlay,  There are 3 warnings outside of your current map view and/or filters. Zoom to State You are being redirected to the state map. Redirecting in 10 seconds. setMap(map); } /** * onAdd is called when the map's panes are ready and the overlay has been * added to the map. */ TestOverlay.prototype.onAdd = function()